Selenium has become very popular in the automation testing field due to which the internet is flooded with tutorials for selenium. But you can’t rely on all the sites to provide you with top notch courses. So learning the basics about Selenium will be beneficial for you to choose the right course. Selenium is most famously worked with Java as both are independent platforms. The website explains the compatibility and usage of Selenium with Java. It also updates the upcoming top notch courses related to Selenium.

ITeLearn has been providing professional courses on Selenium and have a number of success stories in India and the US to prove the value and expertise. The courses aren’t restricted to teaching the functions of the tool but extends to resume making and interview questions and answers for you to be prepared and make a career in testing.

This site will provide the interview questions and answers for those who are already well versed with Selenium and are preparing for an interview. There are posts related to Selenium using Java to brush up on your knowledge as well.